FRM How much time does it take to prepare for FRM Part 1?


How much time does it take to prepare for FRM Part 1?

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    Does anyone have a rough study plan? I know that GARP says that the average study time is 275 hours, but how does that translate to e.g.

    • when should I start
    • when to review
    • how much practice

    And also even if 275 hours is enough?

    Any experienced passed on would be super helpful!


    The pass rate for FRM Part 1 is around 46%. The recommended rough ranges for FRM Part 1 is anything from 200-275 hours.

    BUT I will say that this is a guide only – like any ‘hours’ rule of thumb, this is not universal and doesn’t guarantee performance. The time needed will also depending on your educational background and personal circumstances. Study until you master the material, start early so you have a better idea of how much work you have ahead of you.

    How does this translate to daily work? I’d recommend starting about 4 months before and put in 2-3 hours in daily, depending on your work schedule. Ramp up the hours, review and practice as you get into the last month.

    More getting-started tips on the FRM exam here.

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