CFA CFA Level 3 Best revision method for CFA Level 3 after initial study


Best revision method for CFA Level 3 after initial study

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        I am preparing for the CFA Level 3 exam and I have finished CFA books today; I was using the curriculum.

        My exam is on 25th May.

        How would you approach revision and mocks.

        1. Technique; read again or do questions?
        2. Whats the best mock/ revision day split?
        3. Any other suggestions?

        I am not working currently, so can study every day plus I am quite committed.

        Thank you in advance for your help!

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          I’m assuming as you’ve passed CFA Level 1 and Level 2, you’ve had some experience with what works well for you.

          1. Read again or questions? Definitely questions – you’ve got a month left, you want to start with questions especially essays (see below)
          2. Whats the best mock/ revision day split? The approach I usually recommend is mocks followed by targeted revision and answer review. If there are topic areas that still trouble you then spend a bit of time going into it, but continue to focus on going through your mocks.
          3. Review your topic weights and make sure your knowledge matches the exam weightings. If you’re using our study planner this should be automatically highlighted to you.

          I would also focus on the essay format – not quite the same anymore but the lack of multiple-choice can be very confusing nonetheless. Here are a few guides:

          Good luck! If you have any questions you can always post them here for help.

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