CFA CFA General Help: are the CFA exams worth it for me?


Help: are the CFA exams worth it for me?

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        I am planning to write my level one exam in November 2022.

        I haven’t registered yet, I am not sure if I will pass the exam. The exam is a little expensive for me so I can’t take a chance.

        Is there any way to know that I can crack the exam? Beforehand like a test or something? I am preparing for a month I have a brief idea and I have been taking quizzes and stuff.

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        There’s Investment Foundations which you can sign up for, that’s like 20% of CFA Level 1. It’s free to sign up and take the exam, and might give you a good idea of whether this is something you would like to take up.

        Another useful datapoint is that if you look at the candidate numbers, only 8% of people that register for CFA Level 1 end up passing CFA Level 3. Sounds terrifying but best that you know stuff like this up front.

        Guides on Investment Foundations:

        Good luck!

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