CFA CFA General How do I know if CFA really is for me?


How do I know if CFA really is for me?

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      Hey, Since the past few weeks, I have gathered most of the information about CFA there could be from youtube, forums, articles regarding

      • what the course is?
      • who is it for?
      • how much effort, time, and money needed?
      • how difficult the course is?
      • passing rate, coaching, materials etc.

      But still, I don’t know is really CFA for me as I don’t want to leave the course in the middle after doing 1 or 2 levels and not waste the effort. Can anyone give me some clarity on this how should I solve this and gain clarity on whether should I pursue it or not?


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        I’m assuming you mean you’ve already done your research and gathered answers to all your questions above – because if you haven’t, our CFA Beginners’ Guide is the place to start with this.

        If you’ve done your research, the decision on whether to take the exams can only be answered by you. You have a legitimate concern. Only 8% of people that register for CFA Level 1 go on to complete CFA Level 3.┬á

        Whether or not you’ll leave the program after doing 1 or 2 levels, or failing 1 or 2 times, depends entirely on your motivation and reasons for taking the exams.

        Perhaps looking at the benefits of the CFA charter might help. Here are some guides:

        Good luck, and either way, let us know what you have decided to do!

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        Thanks for the response, after reading the article I think i will be going for the exams. ­čśä

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