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By Christine

Our aim at 300 Hours is to help our readers as much as we can.

And one aspect that we’ve always been meaning to improve is our offering of study music for our CFA candidate readers. For a while now, we’ve been working hard at developing custom-designed audio for CFA studies and practice exams. The result is Proctor, which we’re really happy to be able to add to 300 Hours today!

The right audio to help your CFA studies

Studies conducted by Dr. Francis Raucher, Dr. Gordon L. Shaw, and their colleagues at the University of California at Irvine gave rise to what was billed by mass media as the “Mozart Effect”. Their neuroscience studies and findings found a temporary increase in spatial reasoning while listening to classical music. This original study has been mass exploited in various random ways to the point of making the term ‘Mozart Effect’ the 21st century snake oil, but it’s important to remember the original studies and their findings – increased spatial reasoning with certain auditory stimulation.​ Subsequent studies in this area, for example by Nick Perham and Joanne Vizard, show that low-volume, steady-state environments are best of recognitive and recall tasks. 

Additionally, music has another added advantage which has been practiced by everyone for years: music allows you to lengthen your study sessions by increasing motivation and reducing the rate of fatigue.

The right kind of audio should have:

  • No discernible vocalisations
  • Low-volume, where the level if music or audio is just audible
  • No sudden changes in pitch, tempo and amplitude – a good steady flow works well

Additionally, mock exams are a popular and effective way for CFA candidates to prepare. Wouldn’t it be a great to have an audio accompaniment that simulates the announcements and sounds that you’re likely to hear on  the actual CFA exam day?

Now you can!

What is Proctor?

Proctor is a set of six 3-hour audio tracks created by us to suit the varying phases of CFA studying and preparation: studying, practicing, and mock exams. The tracks are designed to fit different phases and study environments:

A full experience of a CFA exam hall – chattering, proctor announcements, and all miscellaneous audio accompanying an actual CFA exam hall.
Helps you prepare for the ambience and possible distractions on the actual CFA exam day. Good for accompanying mock exams.
The general ongoing ambience of a CFA exam hall, without timed announcements and start/end disruptions.
Provides a steady-state exam hall ambience for studying, revising or general practice.
Classical compositions chosen for their smooth, low-key, steady-state nature. Dynamically adjusted further to enhance the track for CFA studying.
The ultimate classical track to help you get into your studying faster, reduce fatigue and improve your intellectual functions.
A myriad of authentic forest bird calls in the height of summer, with no other distracting sounds.
Our quietest track, created to really relax while maintaining focus. Helps to reduce studying fatigue and slow down burnout.
Heavy rain from a thunderstorm, evenly pattering on the roof.
Heavy rain generates an ambience similar to white noise, blocking out distracting environments while you study.
Cafe ambience with minimised distractions, undiscernible dialogue at the right volume
Cafes are one of the most popular study places for CFA students. This track provides the ambience of a study-friendly cafe anywhere.

Free to use, but you can be awesome and support us by going Plus, Pro or Platinum.

We’re here to help you pass. Proctor Basic is 100% free to try out, so start using it for your CFA studies right away. However, if you’d like to support us, you can do so by purchasing one of the access tiers – Proctor Plus, Proctor Pro, or Proctor Platinum. 

  • The access tiers are super cheap
  • You’ll get higher-quality tracks
  • You’ll be able to download these tracks for offline use
  • And you’ll be supporting our work to create more CFA tools in the future

You can see a comparison of the different options below:

Proctor Basic
Proctor Plus
Proctor Pro
Proctor Platinum
Proctor Basic
Basic. Free.
Proctor Plus
Offline use included.
Proctor Pro
Best value.
​Proctor Platinum
The full suite.
Audio Quality
Basic Definition
Standard Definition
Standard Definition
High Definition
Internet Streaming
Download for Offline Use
Proctor Track Included?
Hall Track Included?
Classical Track Included?
Birds Track Included?
Rain Track Included?
Cafe Track Included?
Lifetime Access?
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are all the tracks three hours long? Three hours is longer than any recommended study session, so all tracks will be more than adequate for studying purposes. We specifically decided to develop three-hour tracks (much longer than most study tracks) because CFA exams are three hours long. That way, any track can be used when completing practice exams, or undertaking a mock exam.
  • Did you work with CFA Institute to develop the Proctor track? When developing the Proctor track, we reached out to CFA Institute to check that they were OK with our announcements. We originally planned to use the exact same announcements as you’d hear on CFA exam day, but CFA Institute made a very good point that rules and announcements may change from year to year without notice. Playing a possibly outdated set of announcements in the Proctor track would not help you, so we’ve worked on a custom announcement that simulates the feel of the real thing, yet reminds you to pay attention to the announcements on the actual day.
  • Will you be creating new tracks in the future? It’s definitely a possibility! If there are any suggestions you’d like to make for future tracks, just send them to proctor@300hours.com. Existing Pro and Platinum users will automatically get access to any new tracks that we make in the future.
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