2023 CAIA Exam Dates: Key Deadlines You Need To Know

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Considering the CAIA designation? It’s a pretty good choice if you plan to build a career in growing alternative investments sector.

In response to the pandemic, CAIA has expanded its in-person computer-based testing (CBT) exams to accommodate online proctoring (OP) as well, so you can now take the CAIA exams remotely too.

Whether you are new to CAIA exams, or a seasoned CAIA Level 2 candidate, here’s a useful summary of all the key CAIA exam dates you need to know.

We have included a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section too, to answer any CAIA registration questions you may have.

Let’s go!

When are the CAIA exam windows?

caia exam dates

CAIA exams are still held twice a year (March and September) for Level 1 and Level 2 candidates, with the additional option of online proctored exam (OP) as well as the traditional in-person computer-based testing.

Here’s a reminder of the next few upcoming exam cycles:

  • March 2023 (Level 1 & 2): March 2023 exam registration opens on 3 October 2022.
  • September 2023 (Level 1 & 2): September 2022 exam registration opens on 10th April 2023.

CAIA exam dates: A handy summary table

caia exam dates summary table

Short on time? Here are the latest CAIA exam dates and registration deadlines:

CAIA Registration DeadlinesSeptember 2023 CAIA Exams (Level 1 and 2)March 2024 CAIA Exams (Level 1 and 2)
Registration Opens10 Apr 20239 Oct 2023
Early Registration Deadline5 Jun 20234 Dec 2023
Registration Closes14 Aug 202312 Feb 2024
CAIA Level 1 Exam Window4-15 Sep 2023 (in-person)
4-10 Sep 2023 (online)
4-15 Mar 2024 (in-person)
4-10 Mar 2024 (online)
CAIA Level 2 Exam Window18-29 Sep 2023 (in-person)
18-24 Sep 2023 (online)
18-29 Mar 2024 (in-person)
18-24 Mar 2024 (online)

Frequently asked questions

CAIA exam dates FAQ

How do I schedule my CAIA exam?

Once you have registered and paid for your exam, you will receive an email from CAIA with a link to schedule your exam with Pearson Vue. Or you can schedule your CAIA exam here directly.

Here are the summarized steps to schedule your CAIA exam:
1) Log into your CAIA account
2) Select “Programs”, “Charter Candidates”, then “Schedule your exam”
3) On Pearson VUE’s scheduling page, select your exam
4) Follow the blue prompt instructions to select appropriate exam time and location
5) You should receive an email confirmation of your booked exam appointment.

How do I change my CAIA exam date or test center within an exam window?

You can reschedule to another date and/or location within the same exam window for free, up to 72 hours before your original exam appointment by contacting Pearson VUE.

That said, rescheduling only works if there are available appointments to reschedule to, as they do get booked up fast and early.

Here are the summarized steps to change the date, time and/or exam location of your CAIA exam:
1) Log into your CAIA account
2) Select “Programs”, “Charter Candidates”, then “Schedule your exam”
3) On Pearson VUE’s scheduling page, select your exam
4) Click “Reschedule” button on the right
5) Follow the blue prompt instructions to select appropriate exam time and location
6) You should receive an email confirmation of your updated exam appointment.

Can I defer my CAIA exam to another exam window?

No, changing exam windows are not allowed.

Under normal circumstances, you may not postpone or defer from one exam window to another, i.e. changing from March to September test window isn’t allowed. That said, you can change exam date and/or test location within the same exam window.

If you are unable to sit for the exam for which you are currently registered, or if you do not pass, you will need to re-register to take the exam during a future exam window. The exam retake fee is US$450, whether or not you took the exam the first time.

When is the deadline to pay for CAIA exams?

Your registration fee payment must be paid to CAIA Association latest by the closing registration date for each exam window. For example, this would be 14 August 2023 for Sep 2022 CAIA exams.

Your registration will not be completed and you will not be able to schedule an exam appointment until payment is received.

If my in-person exam is cancelled by Pearson VUE due to site closure, can I move to an online proctored exam?

Yes, you will be able to select the OP exam should your physical test center appointment be cancelled, although appointment availability may be limited.

If I choose an Online Proctored (OP) exam but changed my mind, can I go back to in-person exams?

No. Once you have chosen the OP exam you will be unable to revert back to a test center exam option.

How can I get a refund?

The one-time program enrollment fee for CAIA exam is non-refundable.

CAIA Association will refund exam registration and exam retake fees if:
1) the refund is requested 30 days from the date of purchase, OR
2) no later than the business day prior to the beginning of exam administration, whichever happens first.

This needs to be requested via email to candidate@caia.org.

I’ve got more questions. Can I get a response from you guys?

Sure thing. Just pop your question in the comments below!

I hope the summary table on CAIA exam dates is helpful! If you’ve got more questions, leave a comment below and we will answer.

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