how to improve memory for studying with CFA exam specific examples

18 Actionable Ways To Improve Memory For Studying [CFA Exam Edition]

This is a SUPER detailed guide to enhancing your memory for studying. In this guide, I’ll show you 18 actionable ways to improve memory (for any exams), with CFA-exam-specific examples. So if you want to increase your chances of passing any exams, this list is for you. Let’s get started! What Is The Forgetting Curve? Before we …

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how to prepare and pass CFA Level 1

CFA Level 1: How to Prepare & Pass CFA in 18 Months

How does one obtain the CFA charter as quickly as possible? The fastest route is to pass all 3 exams in less than 2 years, assuming consecutive passes. The path is slightly faster at 12-18 months with new testing schedule of the computer-based exams for all levels from 2021. I somehow managed to do this years ago …

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How To Focus When Studying And Stay Awake Even When Tired

How To Focus When Studying, Even When You’re Tired

Feeling tired, hard to concentrate, or just simply sleepy when it comes to studying? You’re definitely not alone. ​We all have had those days where our brains feels numb and drained, only to remember that we still have more studying to do. Joy. So here are 14 tried-and-tested, practical yet sustainable ways on how to …

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is cfa worth it

CFA Charter: Is CFA Worth It? Should I Take It?

Is CFA worth it, especially considering the 1,000+ hours you need to complete all 3 levels? What are the benefits of CFA charter? The answer really depends on you, your career goals and what you make of it.  Drawing from my personal experience, here are​ a few things to consider to help your decision on whether …

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CFA career paths job opportunities

CFA Career Paths: What Are Typical Job Opportunities for CFA Charterholders?

Did you know that 45% of CFA candidates pursue the charter for career-related reasons? But what are typical Chartered Financial Analysts’ (CFA) career paths? It is crucial to understand the potential career paths and flexibility that a CFA designation offers, and this applies regardless if you’re: considering the CFA designation; an existing CFA candidate; or …

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asset management outlook

2021 Asset Management Outlook: 4 Important Trends That Affect Future Jobs

Worried about your job in the current climate? Instead of worrying, having an insight to what the future may hold for your industry may help alleviate stress on job security and more importantly – help you better prepare for future changes. Since most CFA candidates are interested in an investment management career, our data-driven guide summarizes the latest …

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How Much Does CFA Exam Cost? A Helpful Estimate 1

How Much Does CFA Exam Cost? A Helpful Estimate

When evaluating the benefits of the CFA charter, we quite often come to the discussion on whether it is “good value” for money, i.e. whether CFA is a good return on investment.  Whilst the return part of the equation is subjective and trickier to estimate (as the potential gains depends on various factors unique to you), …

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CFA career change switch jobs planner

Free CFA Career Change Planner: Change Finance Jobs Effectively

Did you know that 66% of employed CFA candidates globally are looking to change some aspect of their careers? Career changes can be hard as your pitch has to highlight why your career path so far makes you the best candidate for the job, in spite of the career switch. Our new CFA Career Change Planner guide …

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How to Prepare and Pass CFA Level 3

CFA Level 3: How to Prepare & Pass CFA in 18 Months

I made a rookie mistake in my Level 3 exam years ago, with 3 whole constructed-response questions left to do in 15 minutes. However, what I did next thankfully contributed to an overall pass. So here’s a detailed guide of my Level 3 study strategy with some useful tips and insights, which I hope would be …

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TI BA II Plus guide - how to use BA II Plus CFA calculator

BA II Plus Guide: How To Use Your Calculator Better For Exams

Speed and accuracy matter for the CFA, FRM and CAIA exams. It is worth investing some time to learn how to use your calculator more effectively. Our BA II Plus guide is the ultimate list of some lesser-known, time-saving BA II Plus functions that you need to know for your CFA exam preparations, regardless of level. …

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