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      Schweser questions seems to be the best option to prepare for CFA exam. This gives you a detailed overview of CFA exam questions types.
      But this is not just the same as you going to have in real CFA exam.
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      CFA level I exam consists of following topics with weight –

      1. Ethical and Professional Standards –15%
      2. Quantitative Methods –12%
      3. Economics –10%
      4. Financial Reporting and Analysis –20%
      5. Corporate Finance –7%
      6. Portfolio Management –7%
      7. Equity –10%
      8. Fixed Income –10%
      9. Derivatives –5%
      10. Alternative Investments –4%

      A free webinar on how to crack CFA level I exam, provide deep insight on each topic and tricks to crack CFA level 1 exam.

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      The best way to prepare for CFA level 1 exam with 100% success is by enrolling to the right course.

      This course helps you to prepare for your CFA exam in a
      complete way.

      Here, you gain

      • 60 hrs live sessions and 90 hrs video lectures by expert
        instructor – Amit Parakh & Ankur Kulshrestha.
      • Complete Wiley question bank with question bank, practice
        test, mock test,
      • 24X7 learner support
      • One to one doubt session with expert instructor – Amit
        Parakh & Ankur Kulshrestha.
      • Comprehensive study material with ultimate access.

      One of the best course to qualify CFA level 1 on first
      attempt. Buy now.

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      Last month should be kept for mock test and test practice.

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      For all those who are appearing in CFA December 2018 exam, their result will declared in January 2019.

      and those who appeared in June 2018 CFA level1 exam, result will be in Aug 2018.

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      The best way to crack the CFA Level 1 Exam on first attempt
      is by having the right study material or instructor-led courses.

      Some of the useful study materails –

      1. Wiley question bank

      2. Schweser CFA study materail

      If you need an expert trainer,
      you can go for the online training program. Learno launching an instructor-led
      CFA course.

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      Schweser 2017 Study Materials may be out dated.

      The best is to go for the Wiley. They provide the complete
      updated study material and question bank.

      You can also Google for the updated curriculum.

      Those who are interested in online CFA course can buy it. This helps you to prepare well for your CFA exam.

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      CFA Level 1 exam consist of following topic and to complete
      preparation of all topic it takes 300 hours.

      Ethical and Professional Standards –15%

      Quantitative Methods –12%

      Economics –10%

      Financial Reporting and Analysis –20%

      Corporate Finance –7%

      Portfolio Management –7%

      Equity –10%

      Fixed Income –10%

      Derivatives –5%

      Alternative Investments –4%

      Once you are done with the preparation, you can start Mock
      test. Keep last 10 days before the exam for mock test.

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      12 hours a week

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      Reporting and Analysis 

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      Looking for the best CFA level1 prepare tips and techniques enroll now to the free webinar. 

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      20 hours a week is enough for me.
      I segregated the topic weight wise and create weekly calendar for CFA level 1 preparation.

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