CFA CFA Level 1 Schweser 2017 Study Material outdated ?

Schweser 2017 Study Material outdated ?

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      Hello !

      Are the Schweser 2017 Study Materials outdated for someone aiming at passing the level 1 of CFA in 2018 / 2019 ? Or is it still totally useful ?

      Thank you 🙂

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      I have used the 2012 Schweser books to study for the upcoming CFA lvl 1 exam – next week. Once I enrolled for the exam (day before final registration) I started using the CFA question bank and CFA EoC Qs. Concepts don’t change but I did notice a few questions that were not covered in the older books, not much though.

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      Usable in theory but I wouldn’t bother. Try cheaper providers if price is the problem.

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      it’s possible to use them but you need a guide on what’s changed in the curriculum. You can google and find one somewhere, Wiley and IFT I think publish them.

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      Schweser 2017 Study Materials may be out dated.

      The best is to go for the Wiley. They provide the complete
      updated study material and question bank.

      You can also Google for the updated curriculum.

      Those who are interested in online CFA course can buy it. This helps you to prepare well for your CFA exam.

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