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One of the most established classroom providers in the CFA Program, Fitch Learning offers a solid and very wide range of CFA materials.

About Fitch Learning

Fitch Learning was formed in 2000 as 7city Learning. It expanded rapidly both across locations and their product offering, quickly becoming a recognised leading training provider specialising in financial services.  Their success led them to be acquired by Fitch Group in early 2013, forming Fitch Learning.

Since rebranding they’ve continued to expand their product offering, most recently with the launch of Cognition – their personalised all-in-one CFA solution. CFA classes continue to be their specialty – with centers in London, New York, Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong, they are one of the largest full-time CFA classroom training faculties worldwide.

CFA Packages and Offers

Fitch Learning’s CFA Packages and Offers

Fitch Learning’s CFA study packages

Fitch Learning is well-known for their CFA instruction – their packages include full instructor guidance, online learning, as well as a review-only course.

CFA Live Classes

Classroom Learning

In-person, live classes

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Online Classes

Online Learning

Attend live or catch up

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CFA Reviews and Mocks

Reviews and Mocks

Build your confidence

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Fitch Learning’s current CFA offers and deals

We sometimes run exclusive discounts on Fitch Learning’s CFA materials. Here are the current deals available for Fitch Learning:

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All CFA Product Details

All Fitch Learning Product Details

Classroom, Online and Review Courses

CFA Classroom, Online and Review Courses

Being ‘the largest full-time CFA exam training faculty worldwide’, it shows in the wide range of options you can choose from. Fitch Learning’s CFA course options include:

  • Regular weekend/weekday courses: Ten full days of classroom lessons covering the entire CFA curriculum
  • Intensive courses: Five full days of intensive classroom lessons covering the entire CFA curriculum
  • Online courses: Weekly online lessons, viewed live or recorded.
  • Review courses: Two full days of intensive classroom lessons, focusing on reviewing topics nearer to the CFA exam.

All classroom lessons are streamed live and recorded. If you are unable to attend, you can easily login into Fitch Learning’s portal to view and interact with the class live online, or catch up via recordings in your own time.

Questions on their courses? Check out full details at Fitch Learning here.

Practice Questions and Mock Exams

CFA Practice Questions and Mock Exams

3,000+ practice questions and Knowledge Checks

  • All Fitch Learning study packages include a mobile app which utilizes 3,000+ practice questions. The app also includes course slides and 90+ hours of instructional videos.
  • Fitch Learning Cognition has Knowledge Checks – recurring quizzes through out the curriculum which reinforces your learning. Your performance is constantly measured and fed back to the system, where it can detect topics you’re weak on and automatically personalise your study plan to address them.
  • At the end of less successful Knowledge Checks, you’ll also have a choice to revisit your problem topics on the spot to review them before moving forward, creating a more rounded learning experience.

Four full mock exams offered

  • Most of Fitch’s packages include four mock exams​, except their Online Review Kit which includes three mock exams.
  • All mock exams are taken online and include detailed answers so that you can easily debrief after attempting each exam.
  • In available regions, you can also register for proctored mock exams under realistic exam conditions. You can check if they are being offered near you here.

You can find out more about Fitch’s CFA practice options directly at their website.

Study and Review Materials

CFA Study and Review Materials

Study notes and slides: Available with all Fitch Learning courses

All Fitch Learning courses include a portable ‘classroom slide pack’, containing summary notes, class slides, useful diagrams and tables.

The material in the pack is constantly updated – Fitch Learning dedicates “more than 240 days per year” to updating their CFA exam course materials.

Final Countdown revision guide

The Final Countdown is a full but compact revision guide with must-know equations, key concepts and top tips for taking the exam.

This is handy to bring around during the review period of your CFA preparations and for last-minute reviewing on exam day.

For more info, you can check out Fitch Learning’s full study materials list here.

Online Platform and Apps

CFA Online Platforms and Apps

Online learning: Fitch Learning Cognition

  • Fitch Learning Cognition is Fitch’s all-in-one, adaptive online learning platform, covering an online learning program, adaptive scheduling, performance analysis, and intelligent testing. 
  • Candidates get a personalised study plan from day one, guiding them through the materials before moving them on to the review and exam preparation phase. Course content such as instructor recordings, live webcasts and questions are in the intuitive content library, ordered into micro-learning modules.
  • Fitch Learning Cognition is included with most of Fitch Learning’s packages, but you also can purchase access separately.
  • You can read our full hands-on experience with Fitch Learning Cognition here, or check it out by getting a free trial.

Mobile App

Fitch Learning’s mobile app, available through iOS or Android, is included with all study packages. The mobile app includes:

  • Over 90+ hours of video recorded lectures covering the entire CFA curriculum
  • Practice tests that taps into a bank of 3,000+ CFA exam-style questions

Download Fitch Learning’s mobile app: Apple App StoreGoogle Play Store

Other Features

CFA Features

Instructor Support: Global Instructor Helpdesk, and One-to-One Consultations

  • As Fitch Learning has one of the largest faculties, it’s not surprising that their instructor support is pretty good.
  • The Fitch portal has a global helpdesk – just ask and one of their instructors across any region will get back to you fast.
  • If your package includes it, you can also schedule a one-to-one call of web chat with an instructor to discuss specific problems you may be having.

No Pass No Pay & Pass Guarantee

  • For CFA Level I candidates using Fitch for the first time, you can get their No Pass No Pay guarantee, which offers just that – a refund if you don’t pass your CFA exam when using Fitch. You’ll have to prove that you’ve seriously studied for it by meeting set milestones, which is a reasonable condition!
  • For all other candidates, there is a Pass Guarantee, which basically offers their online learning portal free of charge until you pass, and 50% off their cost of fees for retaking candidates.
  • See here for full terms and conditions of Fitch’s No Pass No Pay and Pass Guarantee.
CFA Reviews and Ratings

Fitch Learning Reviews and Ratings

Review Filters

★★★★☆ Tutors are excellent
Brandy Mangeon • Level 3

I found the tutor support from Fitch Learning to be excellent. Their tutors are very knowledgeable about the curriculum and prepare you for how the exam will be like. I felt a lot more confident on exam day as a result. Their classroom presence was also invaluable at breaking down complex topics as well as making the drier aspects of the course material interesting. The revision materials were also very concise and useful.
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★★★★☆ Good prep, but still need a lot of self-study
Shayon Ghosh • Level 1

A decent CFA exam provider, which will be really helpful at a nascent stage of one’s preparation. However, attending the classes alone is not enough (this should be obvious to anyone who is halfway serious about passing the exams). To make the cut one would need to supplement with a lot of self-study.
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★★★★★ Excellent
Jgam1986 • Level 1

Fitch Learning (formerly 7city) came and taught CFA Level 1 during my Masters course, they were very good. The online question bank has some truly awfully worded questions and be a little frustrating at times. Otherwise really like Cognition and the way it keeps me motivated to keep going!
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★★★★☆ Metrics are great to have
tedanderton • Level 1

I used Fitch Learning Cognition for my Level 1 exam and would recommend it. I especially liked the metrics showing my progress. Readability can be an issue – some bits can be too wordy. There are a few things I’d probably add in the answer sections to make them more digestible.
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★★★★★ Excellent
gstyle • Level 1

Fitch Learning provided a solid learning platform, professionally presented, covering the major topics in the syllabus. Very good tutor support, even for online learning students. I would recommend it to future candidates.
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★★★★★ Excellent
Ken • Level 1

A great comprehensive program. With the course it’s all guided and provided for, you don’t need to worry about additional materials or practice etc. Just show up for class, learn, practice, and pass. Would recommend.
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★★★★★ Excellent
gstyle • Level 2

Attending their classes really gave me a big boost to my prep. The notes could be more detailed, but instructor support and the ability to discuss any problem areas was amazing.
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★★★★☆ Very Good
Allistir Geeve • Level 2

I really liked Fitch Learning as a provider. The app is super useful to re-read a section from anywhere, whenever I have 5 minutes. The question bank is quite large.
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★★★★★ Excellent
Marin Hafner • Level 1

I really like the Fitch Learning prep. My employer paid for the course, but even if I was paying for it, they’re worth the money.
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★★★★★ Excellent
Ken • Level 2

It would be nice to have vignette-style questions like the L2 exam, but generally a great program.
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★★★★☆ Very Good
Creigh Olenikov • Level 2

Excellent materials, but slightly lacking on the customer service representative side.
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