FRM Who here is taking both CFA and FRM? Is it possible/practical?


Who here is taking both CFA and FRM? Is it possible/practical?

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      Looking at possibly going for CFA Level 1 in addition to FRM part 1, and wondering:

      • Is this a common route?
      • Are there benefits of having both or am I better off just doing one?
      • Anyone here done it before, or in the process?

      All thoughts welcome!

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        More than you might think. There is quite a lot of CFA+FRM people – we’ve been featuring them on our Instagram account recently.

        While the CFA designation opens up job prospects in the field of Research Analysis, Investment Banking and Portfolio Management, FRM on the other hand will open up opportunities in Banks, Treasury & Risk Management.

        We’ve actually written a guide on how to navigate this: CFA & FRM: Here’s How to Get Both in the Shortest Possible Time

        Let us know if you have any more questions!

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          I’m just starting out, can you tell me if it’s helpful.

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