CFA CFA Level 3 Study Schedule – Level III

Study Schedule – Level III

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      Hope you are as ecstatic to begin studying again as I am… 

      I’m going to focus entirely on the CFAI material for the Level III exam in 2020 and have put together a study schedule accordingly. See attached for your reference, in the hope that you’ll find this useful.

      Best regards,

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        love the ‘mock till you drop’ line  :p
        I kinda just used the 300Hours study planner since L1, but noticed your timeline is pretty tight. I remembered you mentioned about expecting a child in April 2020 in another thread (congrats btw!), so I guess it’s good to have a time buffer before the arrival.

        I’m aiming to finish around mid April (absolute latest), but just had lots of time buffer in between as I expect to be a slow coach at the start. 

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          I’m using the free planner too, but will check this out, thanks! I mean, it’s Batman’s plan.

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           ðŸ˜€  I’m sure it was mocks that saved me in lvl II. If I’m doing mocks in April I’ll be chuffed. Fingers crossed the material is engaging until then!

          Best of luck with the study’s  B)

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