CFA CFA Level 1 Want to start my prep after a gap of 6 months.


Want to start my prep after a gap of 6 months.

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        Hi guys,

        I had appeared for the Level 1 CFA exam in Feb and could not clear it. I am taking the test again in November 21 now and want to start preparing again. Can you please tell me where to start?

        I am feeling pretty lost right now, although I remember most concepts. I do not know which subject to start with.

        Please help.

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          Your results breakdown will give you some clues on where to start – focus on the high-weighted, low-scoring subjects first.

          Make sure you get plenty of mock exams in – they give you practice and also show you where you need more revision.

          We also have a 5-step guide on how to recover from an exam failure which will help.

          Good luck, and good on you for not giving up!

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