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        Any suggestions on how to start again if failed CFA level 1 feb 2021 exam.

        What are the things to consider for reappearing for nov 2021 level 1 exam.?

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        As @Zee has outlined in this other thread, there are a few parameters to focus on, consider and improve:

        • Start date: How many months before exam day did you start? Do you need to start earlier?
        • Total study effort: Roughly how much time did you spend studying (in hours)
        • Study quality: Are you being distracted by your environment, people, technology, other work/study commitments?
        • Prep provider: is the prep provider you used suitable, or do you need to switch?
        • Number of mocks completed: Passing candidates complete about 4-7 mocks. Do you need to increase the number of mocks attempted?
        • Topic areas: Which areas did you perform below ~60% percentile in? Put in extra focus on these areas during your re-attempt.
        • Score of mocks: We usually advise to aim for 70+%, but given the recent Feb-21 result I think a ‘safe’ mock exam score would be more like 80%.

        We also have a ‘how to get back on your feet after a CFA exam fail’ guide here: Failed CFA Exams? Follow Our 5 Clear Steps To Recover

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