CFA CFA Level 1 How to plan to study Cfa level 1 2017 exam?

How to plan to study Cfa level 1 2017 exam?

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        I am in dilemma to prepare, which topic first ,and for how many days to study each topic?
        Please help me how to plan to study for level 1 Cfa exam?

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          This is a common question and there is no right or wrong topic. Some like to hit the heavy weight topics: FRA first and get that out the way. Others will save this topic closure for when they take practice exams. I always start with ethics as a way to get my toes wet and then balance some of the heavier topics with lighter ones. After reading Derivatives and Fixed Income, I went to Alternative Investments. You will see overlap in a lot of the areas. If you read quant and then port mgmt, you will be surprised by how much quant will come up, thus making the reading easier. Just read to understand and don’t worry about not remembering at this point. Plan on doing a lot of questions and at least 5 mocks and you will be fine. Always stay positive. Aptitude can always be taught, attitude is much harder. Set expectations with family/friends over the holiday season too.

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            Topic order:

            Study planner:

            Let us know if you have any more questions!

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