CFA CFA Level 1 FR&A misery

FR&A misery

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        Anyone have any tips for getting through FR&A? I feel like every time I get through a new reading, I forget the last one, go back and re read, and repeat the process.

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        Hey @TVargo – don’t despair, it is a normal feeling and I wouldn’t worry about it upfront. You learn the most from practice questions and mock exams later (so don’t forget to leave 4 weeks minimum to focus on that).

        So here’s some suggestion:

        Once you finish a reading, remember to do the end of chapter questions to have a sense of your topic understanding. Aim to go through all the readings once as soon as you can, then start doing practice questions (by topic first, if you’ve a question bank), then towards the final month of the exam some practice exams ideally under timed constraint (as per exam conditions). After that, go through where you went wrong, understand why, read relevant notes/readings to make sure you don’t repeat the mistakes again. Rinse and repeat.

        I found that the final 4-6 weeks is where I learned the most, made so many mistakes and solidified my learning.

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