CFA CFA Level 1 How difficult is CFA for engineers?


How difficult is CFA for engineers?

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        I’m a 2nd year Engineering Student starting to have an interest in Finance.

        I don’t want a  tech job As Ive been coding since 2 years and I don’t have interest in that field.

        I’m planning to appear for CAT next year and to help my profile, should I prepare for CFA and try to give the November/December attempt this year?

        And I have next to no background knowledge in Finance, can anyone give me a heads up from where to start learning?

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        I wouldn’t discount coding just yet, coding knowledge and finance is highly sought after. Just depends on the type of coding skills.

        You should be fine for CFA Level 1 assuming your math background is solid. Set aside a good chunk of time (300 hours approx over 4+ months) and do lots of mocks.

        There is a planner here that can guide you on most of this stuff, I think it’s in the guides section.

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          Here are two guides for you:

          ’s advice is solid. I would just add a few points to that: start early to get an idea of how much you need to cover, don’t discount Ethics, and get familiar with your CFA calculator as soon as you can.

          Nov/Dec is definitely possible. I’d say take 2 weeks to research whether CFA is something you’d like to do, then decide/register latest by end of May to give yourself the best start.

          If you have more specific questions, just start another topic!

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