CFA CFA Level 1 Detailed Study Plan (w/ material) Or Suggestions ?

Detailed Study Plan (w/ material) Or Suggestions ?

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      I have been searching all over the internet for a detailed study schedule/ plan for the exam. I saw the one on this website already and it is really helpful but I was looking for one (if one exists) with specific material to study for each week. I just ordered the Kaplan books and I know how crucial it is to plan but how do I approach studying? What topics should I cover first ? (ie. Should I start w/ Ethics?) Any advice regarding what topics to study first/ how to study for each topic would be greatly appreciated! Ideally, if anyone has a specific study guide w/ pages to study for each day that would be perfect.

      Thanks a lot.


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        Hey @Kirby18‌ 

        There isn’t a one-plan-fits-all schedule as most of us have different work schedules and different study habits. However we do have a tool to help you figure out your own plan – you can check it out here:

        Hope it helps!

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        as @Zee‌ mentioned, there isn’t a plan to suit everyone…but to help you along, i’d suggest having a weekly schedule in place instead of a daily schedule…if you are unable to cover your daily quota due to work, it can be compensated for on the weekend…in case of a daily schedule, you’ll probably freak out if you miss targets for a couple of days 🙂

        those who don’t have financial/economics or related background, generally go with the same order as the books…certainly so on the first read…while there are others who study the tough sections first and then move on to the “relatively” easier ones later, since the tough ones can throw your schedule out the window…

        i had a rough time with ethics, and looking back, i would say that you should do a brief reading of ethics once a month…maybe you can do one reading of the entire material, analyze what you find difficult, did not understand etc. and then allocate time accordingly…rest assured, last month is for practice exams, the month before that for revision, formulas, polishing your notes, practice questions and working on your tough topics…

        so working back from there should be easier to plan a schedule…

        fyi: i started off with a 20 pages/day schedule and that didn’t help me much…work gets crazy in some weeks and i got kicked down when i couldn’t meet that target 🙂

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