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Cancel exam and sign up to February

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      If I cancel my right to examine  in August and I want to sign up for February.
      If I cancel it before the 10th and I write to CFA institut  that I want to sign up for February, will it cost me 750 or 1000 USD? (before 10th August)

      Since I want to sign up before the 10th for the Discount in the price, but since they take a long time to answer….


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      I explain it in more detail in case I have not been understood well before.

      I have an exam date now in August, but I will not be able to do it and I want to cancel it and take a date in the February window, but August 10th  is the deadline to register for 750USD.
      My question is, if before August 10th I order to withdraw from the exam and ask the CFA Institute by email to register me for the February exam (or that I want to register but they have to cancel me before manually),

      Intuiting that as they will answer me after August 10th , will I have to pay 1000USD for this out of time? Or does the email I sent them prevail and I will have the discount?

      Help is appreciated

    • Zee Tan

      Just clarifying a few things – you may already know these things but just want to be thorough:

      • You’ll have to contact CFA Institute manually at to withdraw from your August 2021 exam before you can register for the Feb 2021 exam.
      • You will lose your August 2021 exam registration fee if you withdraw from the exam.

      Whether or not you meet the early registration deadline, to my understanding, depends on when CFA Institute processes your withdrawal. We have heard of cases where CFA Institute processed withdrawals within days, but seeing as it’s three more days (which includes a Sunday) to the end of that deadline I’m going to say it’s unlikely you’ll meet that deadline.

      If you’re already sure this is what you want to do I would email them ASAP and try to get them on the phone to process immediately.

      Good luck, and let us know if you manage to do it!

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