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      Hey! Hope you are doing well 🙂

      I just got my result two days back for level 1 and i am so happy that I passed!!!

      Now, I want to apply for scholarship for level 2

      I have a few questions, please help me answer it 🙂

      Q1- If I apply for scholarship now, when will I get to know about the result?

      Q2- If I get selected for scholarship and in the mean time the ‘early bird registration’ gets closed, still I will get the scholarship and the amount will be reduced to $350??

      Q3- Can I apply for women and regular scholarship both at the same time?

      Also, I want to take the L2 exam in Feb’22 so when should I apply for scholarship. As you know there is only a certain timeline in which we can use the scholarship granted!

      Thank you in advance! God bless you 😀

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      Yay congrats @ridhi1234, we’re so happy for you 🙂

      Do check out our CFA scholarship article for a good overview and tips for successful scholarship application from a previous candidate.

      To answer your questions:

      1. It depends. For Access scholarship (expected to open mid April, which means anytime real soon), CFA Institute previously took 3 months to announce their decision. For the other scholarship which are on a rolling basis (you can apply all year round), it also takes 3 months for them to come back to you.
      2. Yes. For Access scholarship the amount is $250, the rest is $350.
      3. Yes you can apply multiple scholarships, but only the most recently awarded one will apply.

      Since you want to take L2 Feb22, you should be applying for your scholarship now, as once awarded you typically get 7 months from date of award to REGISTER (not necessarily sit) for the exam.

      Hope this helps!

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      Ohh thank you, that solves a lot of confusion:D

      So just to clarify,

      – I apply for scholarship now (April)

      – Results come in 3 months (July)

      – If I get selected, I REGISTER ( date not chosen yet)

      – After some time, when Feb’22 registration opens, take the scholarship and sit for the exam!

      Just like how you can REGISTER for level 1 and then within one month you have to choose the dates!

      Thanks again 😘❤️

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      Yes, that’s right!

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