sleeping on bed analysis

Sleep Deprivation: Symptoms, Effects & How To Cure It

Sleep is so crucial to our overall wellbeing, yet most of us don’t get enough of it. When balancing exam preparation with a full-time job, it’s tempting to cut on sleep hours in a bid to “do more”. But this is counterproductive in the long term. With so much conflicting information out there on sleep, here’s …

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speed up improve process

How To Read Faster: 5 Useful Techniques You Must Try

In between juggling work, life and studying for finance exams, there’s hardly much time to sleep nor eating well. There’s never enough time, isn’t it?  We’ve discussed various ways to organize ourselves for more productive study sessions. However, the largest area of improvement in terms of time management would come from learning how to read faster, since a significant amount of our …

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reduce exam anxiety

Exam Anxiety: How To Manage It Better

Whether you’re preparing for professional exams, or are a college student studying for your finals, you might be experiencing some anxiety or nervousness about the test. Exam anxiety is common, and something that almost everyone experiences to some degree. Left unchecked, anxiety about upcoming exams has the potential to become a little overwhelming. It can …

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brain food for studying and exams

15 Natural Brain Foods for Studying and Exams

When preparing for my CFA exams years ago, I often wondered if there are brain foods for studying that improved my concentration. This resulted in some experiments and changes in my food intake. And my, what a difference it makes – it’s as if the heavy cloud clogging my brain lifted instantly! My concentration improved …

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ways to manage stress

6 Effective Ways To Manage Stress While Studying

Stress has an alarming ability to infiltrate all aspects of everyday life. It can strike unexpectedly, often causing people to subconsciously react in ways that are quite out of proportion to their situation. The overwhelming workload involved in studying is usually cited as a prime cause of stress, particularly for high level, professional qualifications. For …

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