how to manage study with full time job

8 Easy Tips on How To Manage Study With Full Time Job

Most finance exam candidates are studying and working full time. Luckier ones have employers’ support in the form of study leave and exam fees.  What about the rest?  How does one cope with having a demanding job, a family and studying for the exams at the same time? How to manage study with full time job successfully whilst …

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cfa study material shortlist

3 Proven Methods On How To Study Effectively For Exams

How to study for the CFA exams (or any other finance exams for that matter)? Have you ever wondered if your current study methods are effective for passing your exams? A comprehensive study called “Improving Students’ Learning With Effective Learning Techniques” by Dunlosky et al. (2013), may just help answer that.  More importantly, I’ve read through and applied …

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speed up improve process

How To Read Faster: 5 Useful Techniques You Must Try

In between juggling work, life and studying for finance exams, there’s hardly much time to sleep nor eating well. There’s never enough time, isn’t it?  We’ve discussed various ways to organize ourselves for more productive study sessions. However, the largest area of improvement in terms of time management would come from learning how to read faster, since a significant amount of our …

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how to sleep better

How to Sleep Better: 12 Surefire Ways to Improve Your Sleep Now

We spend roughly a third of our lives sleeping. We all know being sleep deprived is detrimental to our mood, state-of-mind and productivity. Yet we are not really taught how to sleep better despite its importance to our health, focus and wellbeing. Isn’t that crazy? So how do we improve the quality of our sleep …

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study work time focus

The Best Tip on How to Study More in Less Time

We all have a limited amount of time in a day to prepare for our finance exams. Wouldn’t it be great if we all knew how to study more in less time? What if I told you that having more breaks in your study sessions can increase your productivity and study effectiveness? Let’s imagine this: …

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studying reading working

How to Study As A Working Parent: 5 Valuable Tips

Being a working parent is hard enough, but what if you add on the challenge of studying for a finance exam to the mix? Some of us at 300Hours have rambunctious children, so we know parenthood ain’t easy. We also know from speaking to hundreds of CFA candidates who are parents that ‘CFA as a …

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brain food for studying and exams

15 Natural Brain Foods for Studying and Exams

When preparing for my CFA exams years ago, I often wondered if there are brain foods for studying that improved my concentration. This resulted in some experiments and changes in my food intake. And my, what a difference it makes – it’s as if the heavy cloud clogging my brain lifted instantly! My concentration improved …

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reduce exam anxiety

4 Powerful Ways to Manage Exam Anxiety Properly

There are lots of fantastic resources available to you as a CFA candidate to help you pass with flying colors. There are test prep guides, practice exams, learning testing strategies, live class tutoring, and great websites (like ours, ahem). However, some students still suffer poor performance on exam day because they are unprepared for the physical symptoms …

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