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How to Balance Work, Study and Family: 5 Valuable Tips

Being a working parent is hard enough, but what if you add on the challenge of studying for a finance exam to the mix? Some of us at 300Hours have rambunctious children, so we know parenthood ain’t easy. We also know from speaking to hundreds of CFA candidates who are parents that ‘CFA as a …

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15 Natural Brain Foods for Studying and Exams

When preparing for my CFA exams years ago, I often wondered if there are brain foods for studying that improved my concentration. This resulted in some experiments and changes in my food intake. And my, what a difference it makes – it’s as if the heavy cloud clogging my brain lifted instantly! My concentration improved …

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How To Focus When Studying And Stay Awake Even When Tired

How To Focus When Studying, Even When You’re Tired

Feeling tired, hard to concentrate, or just simply sleepy when it comes to studying? You’re definitely not alone. ​We all have had those days where our brains feels numb and drained, only to remember that we still have more studying to do. Joy. So here are 14 tried-and-tested, practical yet sustainable ways on how to …

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Exam Anxiety: How To Manage It Better

Whether you’re preparing for professional exams, or are a college student studying for your finals, you might be experiencing some anxiety or nervousness about the test. Exam anxiety is common, and something that almost everyone experiences to some degree. Left unchecked, anxiety about upcoming exams has the potential to become a little overwhelming. It can …

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6 Effective Ways To Manage Stress While Studying

Stress has an alarming ability to infiltrate all aspects of everyday life. It can strike unexpectedly, often causing people to subconsciously react in ways that are quite out of proportion to their situation. The overwhelming workload involved in studying is usually cited as a prime cause of stress, particularly for high level, professional qualifications. For …

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Studying With Coffee: How to Use It Productively for Your Studies

Do you love coffee? I imagine I see many heads nodding now. Suffice to say, my appreciation for coffee has increased throughout the years, especially since I discovered that good coffee, properly made, shouldn’t have a hint of bitterness in it. Yes, without addition of sugar! I’ve been studying with coffee ever since. What’s most …

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Study Burnout: How to Recognize, Cure and Prevent Them

All CFA exam candidates know it. Or candidates for any high stakes exams really. Others may not understand, but we do – the CFA exams are hardcore. The burnout is real. Burnout happens when you simply do not have a drive to continue doing this crap any longer. Nothing goes in, and you may feel panicked, overwhelmed …

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how to be more disciplined in studies and life

How To Be More Disciplined, Instantly

Today, I want to share one simple yet effective technique on how to be more disciplined in your studies and life, that you can implement right away. It all started a few years ago, when I spent a significant amount of time in San Francisco for work. For me at least, San Fran was a …

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