Best Finance Certifications: Our Top List 1

Best Finance Certifications: Our Top List

We’ve had interesting discussions about CFA vs. MBA before, and whether it’s a worthwhile investment. However, that’s not the only alternative qualifications many of us consider in our pursuit of career advancement. With the various professional qualifications available, it can be quite daunting at first when faced with so many unfamiliar acronyms.  In this article, I’ll demystify and compare …

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free caia study planner

Get Your Free, Customized CAIA Study Planner Now

CAIA candidates often ask us on how best to plan their studies to pass the exams. Or whether they can finish studying the CAIA curriculum in X months. The ‘problem’ with these questions is that each individual should have their own optimal plan that suits their circumstances – there is no one-size-fits-all.  Since we get …

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ti ba ii plus vs hp 12c

Best CFA Calculator Guide: TI BA II Plus vs HP 12C

Did you know that the FRM, CAIA and CFA exams all have the same approved calculators? This CFA calculator guide also applies to the FRM and CAIA exams. Remember that CFA, FRM and CAIA exams all have strict calculator policies. You would not be allowed to use your calculator in the exams if you don’t …

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how to improve memory for studying with CFA exam specific examples

18 Actionable Ways To Improve Memory For Studying [CFA Exam Edition]

This is a SUPER detailed guide to enhancing your memory for studying. In this guide, I’ll show you 18 actionable ways to improve memory (for any exams), with CFA-exam-specific examples. So if you want to increase your chances of passing any exams, this list is for you. Let’s get started! What Is The Forgetting Curve? Before we …

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Frequently Asked Questions About the CAIA Program, Answered 2

Frequently Asked Questions About the CAIA Program, Answered

By Mike As an aspiring CAIA candidate (and a CFA charterholder), I found approaching the CAIA curriculum somewhat familiar, yet intimidating. I wanted to do well, and obviously have a bit of experience from my CFA studies. But at the same time, I didn’t want to transfer any assumptions of what I’ve learnt about the …

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5 Techniques to Read and Study Three Times Faster 4

5 Techniques to Read and Study Three Times Faster

By Sophie In between juggling work, life and studying for the CFA, there’s hardly much time to sleep nor eating well. There’s never enough time, isn’t it?  We’ve talked about various ways to organise ourselves for more effective and productive study sessions, such as designing your own study plan, incorporating revisions during the work week, devising rewards …

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