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Wiley 11th hour course and general review questions

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        Any Wiley customers out there who have used their 11th hour course? I’m trying to plan my review and want to know approximately how much time I should set aside for it and what order I should complete review materials in.

        I take Level 1 on June 23rd. My goal is to finish my first run through of the material (for each reading I’ve been watching Wiley lectures, doing their end of lecture MC questions, and finishing the EOC questions in the CFA Institute text) by June 1st at the latest and start reviewing the following Monday (hopefully a bit earlier). I just graduated school and have not started my job yet so I plan on studying about 30 hours per week (more if need be). Should 3-4 weeks be sufficient?

        The 11th hour course provides a summary of the main subtopics and formulas within the broad topic areas so I was thinking of doing that first, then using Wiley’s test bank, then taking the 3 mock exams I’m provided with (about 1.5-2 weeks out) and then supplementing with more test bank questions leading up to the exam.

        Let me know what you think! Thanks for your input.

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        I think your plan is adequate, but personally I might start a week or so earlier to be a bit safer. There’s also a mock exam available from CFAI that you should use.

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