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Starting a Thread: Discussions, Polls and Questions

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      There are three main methods of starting a thread here in the 300 Hours Community: starting a Discussion, creating a Poll, or asking a Question. You can start a new Discussion, Poll or Question using the large drop-down button on the left, like so:

      • New Discussion: Start a thread about anything you like.
      • New Poll: Want everyone’s opinion on something? Start a Poll and everyone would be able to vote as well as comment. You can also choose to make the votes anonymous.
      • Ask a Question: Specifically want something answered? Ask a Question – the difference between a Question and a Discussion is that it will be flagged as Unanswered until you or a moderator chooses one of the responses as an Answer.

      When creating a Discussion, Poll or Question, select the Category that is most suitable in the Category drop down menu, and enter as many tags as you like (we keep it pretty flexible here). 🙂

      Happy posting!

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        Hey Mark!
        This is The Free Mind Maps CFA L1.
        I think it’s helpful for you to remember better!

        Best Regards

        The mind maps:

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        Hi all
        This is mark Henry, I am the new user of 300hours.
        I hope all of guys support me.
        And getting a important information by that one to use 300hours discussion.

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