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Help with the CFA Level 1 registration – Work experience

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      Hello everybody !

      I’d like to pass the exam of the level 1 of CFA (December 2014).

      So was filling my registration for the CFA level 1 exam when I encountered a little situation : according to the CFA registration requirements, we have to
      “Have a bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree,
      or be in the final year of your bachelor’s degree program at the time of registration*
      or have four years of professional work experience (does not have to be investment related)”.

      So I understand it’s not necessary to have any professional work experience if we are about to get our bachelor’s degree. However, in the registration process, there is a part called “work experience” that we HAVE to fill : it seems absolutely impossible to continue the registration without having completed the work experience boxes. Why ? I thought no work experience was necessary to pass the CFA level 1 exam.

      This work experience part of the registration is as following :

      Company Name : Required
      Title : Required
      Responsibilities or Specific Duties : Required
      Job Category : Required
      Start Date (Mon YYYY) : Required
      End Date (Mon YYYY) : Required

      The problem is that I have only made a 2-months internship, and I thinks internships “don’t qualify as a work experience”. And I’m afraid that, if I don’t fill in the registration correctly, my application would be rejected even if I would have paid the fees (because I saw that, at the end of the registration, we have to pay the fees without even knowing weither our registration will be accepted… And the CFA website says that “the fees are not refundable”).

      So to sum up everything, my question is : What should I put in the boxes of the work experience part of the registration if I’ve only made a two-months internship ? And what should an applicant who has absolutely no work experience write in these boxes (given that we can’t skip this part without filling the boxes) ?
      Please, help me !

      My apologies for my english, this is not my native language, but I hope I was clear enough.

      Have a good night/afternoon/day (depending on your location) ! 🙂

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      @vicc this shouldn’t be happening. I have no major work experience either. I registered on the basis of my education only! You sure you are entering your education details properly?

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      Thanks for responding so quickly.
      I think I did it properly, yes : In the Education part, for the degree, I entered “In progress” because I’m currently in my final year of the bachelor’s equivalent (4 years after the A-level), and I entered “June 2014” for my expected graduation.

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      Hey @vicc

      No experience is necessary to take the exams, it’s only necessary to get approved for the charter. I’m very sure of this.

      I didn’t have this issue as I was already working, but it’s weird that they as for a end date as a required field as well.

      Perhaps try the registration process again? I’m very, very sure that there is no work experience requirement to register for Level 1 – many candidates have done it!

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