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Help In Choosing An Exam

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        Hi, I scored 95% in 10th grade but my grades dropped down to 93% in 12th grade due to which I could not get a great college. So to redeem/add to the knowledge I am planning to give either Cfa or FRM.

        I am currently Pursuing a Bachelor of Management Studies ( Major Finance ) and am in the 2nd semester.

        Here are the criterias I have in Mind –

        1 . Both the exams are equally time demanding and expensive, I need to Think before making a decision.

        2. While I prefer CFA over FRM as it is more diverse but I am eligible for CFA in my 3rd year of undergrad and i that time i will be preparing for my MBA exams .

        3. To test Me I am currently planning to sit for an Investment foundations course to get acquainted with CFA.

        Any Suggestions will be Highly Appreciated.



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          By the way, Investment Foundations is currently not open for registration – this will reopen in September 2021.

          To compare CFA vs FRM, this guide might help:

          CFA vs FRM: Which is better for me?

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