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ESG Investing Certification, what do you think?

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      Hi, this is my first time on the forum. I read about the ESG announcement by CFA Institute recently from your email. I am interested but does not look like many people have gotten it yet. What are the benefits of ESG Investing Certification and what’s the process like?

      Anyone planning to take this?

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        CFA Institute CEO Margaret Franklin just gave an interview to Yahoo Finance talking about the future of ESG.

        One notable point was how much the interview focused on ESG. An interesting point was MF mentioning a LinkedIn study showing that less than 1% of profiles show ESG skills but 20% of job postings require ESG skills.

        We also have an ESG guide here:

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          I’m planning to take it between CFA L1 and L2. Personally interested in ESG and also convinced that it could be highly in demand in the future.

          But right now the ESG qualifications are in a mess. The risk I’m taking is that if I get CFAI’s ESG and some other qualification emerges as the ‘dominant’ ESG qualification then I would have wasted my efforts.


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