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Community Bloggers – now live!

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        Hiya merry Community members

        We’ve been working flat out on this for a while now, and I’m very happy to be able to launch the early, beta version of Community Blogs!!!

        What are Community Blogs?
        The Community Bloggers section is simply a platform where 300 Hours Community members can have a blog of their own, to cover their CFA preparations, career chronicles, or anything that may strike the fancy of the 300 Hours audience. All blog posts will also be visible in the main forum, and the Community Bloggers section, but additionally each blogger will have their own page which will feature all their blog posts!

        Members will be able to comment on posts just like on

        Can I be a Community Blogger?
        For now, any Community Member can join. Just PM me with details on what you envision your blog to be about, and I’ll help you set it up.

        This isn’t even it’s final form…
        As mentioned before, this platform is still in beta stage, and we will be working hard to evolve the look and feel of the platform. Of course, as it gets populated with posts it will also look awesomer and awesomer!

        Many thanks to @Sarah and @Marc to help kick this off! I’ve literally got to run off in 3 mins so I’ll come back and update this later…


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