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      hey guys
      i come from an engineering background.I also worked in an engineering related job for the past year and am now doing my MBA (specializing in finance and entrepreneurship). For the past few months I’ve been thinking about applying for CFA as it had always been my interest and now i that i was studying again i have the time i need to sit and study.
      what i would like to know is how much a CFA level- 1/ level-2 would help me with my job application after i’m done with the MBA?
      p.s- i plan to intern in a bank/ finance related industry this summer

      this is my first question here
      all feedback would be appreciated

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      Hi @fazil, welcome to the 300H community 🙂

      Is there any particular sub sector in banking/finance that you’re aiming for? If it is just general finance where you have a rotation, I feel that at this stage with your MBA is more than sufficient for an internship.

      However, you may want to look into CFA as you go through your internship and explore your interest. CFA can be especially useful for equity/credit research, asset management and to a certain extent corporate finance, although not a requirement for these roles. Hope this helps!

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        @fazil‌ I’m in asset management. Regarding your question:

        Will it help your future job applications? Yes it will.

        Will get you a job for sure? No. Your credentials get you an interview, and how you do from there influences whether you get a job.

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        hey @‌sophie , thanks you =) , and regarding the sub-sector in finance I’ve always been interested in portfolio/asset management. If i were to intern in an asset management firm and complete a level -2 CFA (hopefully) by the time I get my MBA would that help me with future job applications??

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