FRM May 2021 FRM & ERP exams postponed in multiple locations


May 2021 FRM & ERP exams postponed in multiple locations

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        Just announced by GARP:

        UPDATE: APR 23, 2021

        Due to COVID-19 regulations in India, GARP must postpone its upcoming May 2021 Exams in the country. These include the Financial Risk Manager (FRM®) Exams Part I/II and the Energy Risk Professional (ERP®) Exam Part II.

        All candidates registered and scheduled for the May Exam will automatically be registered for the November/December Exams, which will be based on the same curriculum.

        Candidates should allow some time for the exam window on their Dashboard to be updated to reflect this deferral to November/December. Once this is reflected on their portal, candidates must log in and schedule their exam appointment. As a reminder, appointments are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

        Similar postponements are also in effect in:

        • Kuwait
        • Toronto
        • Peru

        Following a similar pattern to the CFA exams cancellations, but for the entire country of India.

        We’ll update this thread as we know more.

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          Is FRM providing any refund options for people whose date has been impacted multiple times(My initial exam date was May 2020 and now after multiple deferrals due to covid, it’s November  2021, due to which my plans have changed and I no longer wish to apper)

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            As far as I know FRM does not provide any refunds. Unlike CFA Institute, they’ve not made an exception for the Covid pandemic.

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