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      Hello all,

      I recently placed an order for Kaplan Schweser material for FRM part 1 for May 2022 exams but came to know that the books and videos won’t be available before February 2022. Being  a mom and full time employee, I want to start studying now when I have some holidays left for the year and so I can make a routine gradually. Anyone facing similar situation?

      I don’t have access to any old material. I would really appreciate any suggestions- may be on any other material which is available now? or any other pointers?

      Thanks in advance!!

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      I have a few videos from 2021 and hard copies of the material other than Kaplan.  I can share the videos if you want.  Hard copies can not be shared.  Let me know.

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      Don’t you have access to GARP’s FRM ebooks and materials as part of your registration?

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