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Writing Morning Paper

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        Hi Everyone,

        A very small question, can I use the blue ink pen (Pilot V7 liquid ink pen) for writing morning paper. I am not much comfortable in holding a pencil for writing the paper.

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        “For the multiple-choice or item-set questions, your score is
        determined solely by how your marks are read by the scanning
        equipment. Marks made by a writing instrument other than a No. 2 or HB,
        or marks that do not completely fill the oval may not be read by the
        scanning equipment. For the essay portion of the exam, it is strongly
        recommended that you use a No. 2 or HB pencil or a blue or black ink
        pen. “

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        Use a pen or pencil, either works. Liquid ink might smudge and reduce legibility though. But I think best to use what you’re most comfortable with.

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