CFA CFA Level 3 Time management advice needed between reviewing/studying different lvl 3 topics


Time management advice needed between reviewing/studying different lvl 3 topics

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        I have a general question around managing time between studying/reviewing different topics that I’d like some advice on

        For some topics such as “Private Wealth” I found that there were significantly more concepts to review than say “Equity”, but I feel there will be only 1 or maybe 2 questions max on the former whilst there will be at least 2 or maybe 3 questions for the latter.

        On that note, how do others balance their time studying for topics that are relatively weighted more but aren’t as densely packed?

        For me I think its a decision that evolves as I’m studying/reviewing, i.e. i think to myself that yes this topic is taking long but that if i try to cut time then I’m unlikely to retain the material well making the whole studying session rather useless. At the same time I realise I can’t spend days and days on a single topic that might be only 1 question vs others that could be 2/3 questions min. At that point I consider how much time I have left and if it feels like i have more than enough time to accomplish this smaller dense topic then I’ll go for that, otherwise I’ll decide to focus on specific points in that section and cut out after a certain deadline and accepting there are other important concepts I’ll have missed in reviewing.

        Anyways that’s just my thoughts, but i’d be grateful to hear how others approach this?

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