CFA CFA Level 3 Swap duration – Schweser 1PM – Q44

Swap duration – Schweser 1PM – Q44

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      @vincentt @ravivooda @Sophie

      Given: The company enters into a 2 year swap with semi coupon payments to pay floating and receive fix. Question states duration of the fixed side of the swap is 1.2.

      I calculated:

      pay floating = -1/ 2 x 2 = – 0.25
      receive fixed = 1.2 x 2 = 2.4 (this is where I’ve gone wrong…should not have times it by 2. The duration of the fixed side is simply 1.2). I’m not getting this because in the CFAI text examples, the fixed duration is always x by the number of years in the swap. Am I missing something?


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        As far as i’m aware the duration for a given bond is the duration of the enter period, i don’t think you have to multiply by the years.

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        @vincentt I think I get it now. Fixed swap duration was given to be 1.2 yrs. It could not have been for one year. OMG! Confusion. Thanks for clearing it up for me.

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