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Rate my CFA Level 3 Study Plan

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        Hey all, I’ve never posted here, but I’ve been lurking for a bit. Here’s my comprehensive study plan, let me know what you think.

        Phase 1: Initial Absorption of Material – Jan 1 through March 1, 2015: View ALL Schweser videos and complete ALL Q Bank Questions. Phase 1 is COMPLETE. I hate Dave Hetherington, and all things related to Dave Hetherington.

        Phase 2: Obtaining Deeper Understanding of Material – March 1, 2015 through May 9, 2015: Progress through Schweser Notes, doing the following:
        a. Read Schweser end of chapter summaries
        b. Complete all end-of-chapter problems
        c. Complete all short-answer questions from
        e. Write up my own notes on important chapter topics
        f. Record notes into phone for listening to and from work every day (1 hour total time each day of reinforcing)
        g. At the completion of each Schweser book, take a 100-question Q-Bank quiz to cement all topics.

        Phase 3: Read Schweser Secret Sauce – May 9th, 2015 through May 10th, 2015.
        a. Highlight/sticky notes for any topics you’re not comfortable with.

        Phase 4: Piecemeal practice exams – May 10th-May 17th
        a. Work through 3 Schweser practice exams, one item set at a time, checking answers after completion of each item set. Mark incorrect/difficult problems for review in Phase 5.

        Phase 5: Review of piecemeal practice exams: May 18-May 22
        a. Review all questions that I answered incorrectly/struggled with

        Phase 6: Re-read Secret Sauce – May 22-25
        a. I’m going to be at the beach over memorial day weekend, so I figured my best bet for time usage here is going to be secret sauce– can be read on the beach.

        Phase 7: Go back through any material I’m uncomfortable with, and master it. – May 26-May 29

        Phase 8: TIMED PRACTICE EXAMS – May 30-May 31. Take two timed practice exams: One CFAI Mock, One Schweser Mock. Review

        Phase 9: Final prep. I have off this whole week, so I will be reviewing any weak areas, working through random Q-bank questions, working through my last Schweser mock one item set at a time.

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          Looks good. That is an impressively comprehensive plan. I’m jealous. I won’t finish my first pass until late March. Only thing I would change is in phase 4 I would only piece-meal one full exam and start doing timed exams at that point, maybe half at a time but under exam conditions, but that’s just personal pref.

          On second thought since we are competing you should probably take a month off at that point…you don’t want to burn out 😉

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