CFA CFA Level 3 Question for those who has the Schweser Level 3 books, volume 2, page 53, (Taxes)

Question for those who has the Schweser Level 3 books, volume 2, page 53, (Taxes)

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        Below is what I sent to Schweser support hoping to get some clarification. While I am waiting, I am hoping some of you guys may have figured it out. If so, any help to understand this is greatly appreciated. 

        The example on page 53 isn’t illustrated well. I think it’s better to break the taxes by category which would probably make more sense to us. The way you have it there does not make sense, although you’ve written a note admitting to that. I have developed a way that intuitively makes sense, but couldn’t match your number exactly:
        First, I figure out the FV of the annual tax portion: FV(0.0867, 8, 0, -100000*0.65) = 126412.70
        Then I figure out the tax deferred portion: FV(0.1*(1-0.089),8,0,-100000*0.35) = 70304.72
        Where the 0.089 is the weighted average tax rate of only the dividends and interest which are still being taxed annually as they are paid. 
        Then, subtract out the capital gain tax at the end of maturity: 70304.72-(70304.72-75000*0.35)*0.2=61493.78
        Finally, add them up and subtract the $5000 tax from the unrealized capital gain: 126412.70+61493.78-(100000-75000)*0.2=182906.47, which is $1000 more than your answer. I can’t figure out which step is wrong although I feel this intuitively makes sense. 
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