CFA CFA Level 3 Painful hand and shoulder

Painful hand and shoulder

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      This morning I did the 2013 Level III AM paper in a timed situation to see if I would be able to write so much and how long it took me to answer each question. Oof, now my hand hurts dreadfully and my shoulder is sore too! Also, it got quite cold in Edinburgh in the last few days and I’d switched off the heating two weeks ago, so my feet were freezing! I had to turn the heating back on. I haven’t checked my answers yet, but I had to really scramble for time and could not answer one whole question.
      I was thinking of doing a multiple choice test this afternoon, let’s see. One thing I learnt is that I should write fewer words for each answer — that would be beneficial for both time management and saving my physical strength.

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      Yes indeed @MockTurtle‌ – it was something I unfortunately experienced during Level 3 exams itself!

      Focus on writing concise, straight to the point answers. Can be in bullet points too. And if you’re not sure of answers (happens more often than you like in the essay section), write something down, circle the section to make sure you come back to it when you have time, and move on!

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        @MockTurtle‌ can’t imaging writing that much these days. We’re too spoiled with typing…

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