CFA CFA Level 3 Missed my scheduling appointment deadline


Missed my scheduling appointment deadline

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      I am a level 3 candidate. Exams got postponed thrice due to Covid. I registered for the November, 2021 exam. But got no mails further for the scheduling appointment process. I can show you my mail list, there’s literally no mail that I got regarding this. But I registered for the November exam. I was occupied in my job and thought I would schedule it when the mail comes. Please tell me what can be done? I have mailed CFAI but have heard they take very long to reply. I am actually, really worried as it’s the question of my whole career. Please reply as soon as possible.

      Thank You

    • Zee Tan
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      Sorry to hear that, dude. Did you get a registration confirmation when you registered?

      If you do, you could use that to prove to CFA Institute that you did register. It’ll be a lot trickier to prove that you didn’t receive scheduling emails, but I’m assuming that’s Prometric’s mess-up so hopefully that would be in their system.

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