CFA CFA Level 3 Level III registration for Exam in 2021

Level III registration for Exam in 2021

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      In respect of the Level III exam in 2021, my current intention is to register for the exam scheduled in November 2021. The question is in the event there is sufficient time for me to prepare for the exam and I feel confident to take the May 2021 Level III exam, will I be allowed to reschedule the exam from the registered exam in November 2021 to May 2021?


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      Hi @Ghatikara, rescheduling your appointment costs $250 each time. You have sufficient time for May 2021 L3 as it is still early. Typical candidates use about 5-8 months for preparation, targeting 300-350 hours of study time. Depending on your personal circumstances and time commitments, e.g. if you can commit to 14 hours of study a week, 6 months is sufficient, if less, the study time is longer obviously.

      Since it is still early, you could definite start studying now and be committed to prepare for May 2021, avoiding the issue altogether. We all never feel quite prepared at the end, but definitely ready to have a go at the exams (as a result of being fed up of studying)!

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      Thanks Sophie for the useful pointers and kind comments, really appreciate it. There is certainly more clarity now as to which exam I should register for taking into consideration your feedback. Thanks so much.

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