CFA CFA Level 3 I Need Some Motivation Right Now?

I Need Some Motivation Right Now?

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        Im struggling getting to into a routine with my studies. The only thing I managed to do was to register as a candidate for June 2015. With Level 1 & 2, I only studied the last 3- 4 months. I desperately need some motivation right row as I fear Level 3 most!

        Has anyone tried the “Daily Question” on and whats your exprience??

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        We’re just half way through November. You still have a good six and a half months for level 3, which is about two and a half months more than what you studied for level 1 and 2! 

        I know a few people who’ve cleared level 3 with just 3 months of prep!  You’ve got so much more time than that.  

        So here’s what you can do: 

        1. Calm down and look back at your achievements! You’ve conquered about 2/3rds of the beast! You’ll definitely be able to conquer the rest! You’ve come too far, to let it go now!

        2. If it’s too difficult to get into a routine, start small;  ease into the studying. How about you start with just an hour on a weekday and say a total of eight hours on the weekend? Then after a few days, once you’re used to this, you can add to the hours. By the beginning of December,  you’ll hopefully be able to start putting in more time.

        3. Make a plan. I always find that having a plan, makes me feel more in control, even though I end up modifying it almost every other day.

        4. Please don’t be a plan modifier like me, and actually stick to the plan!

        5.  Whenever you see the motivation level drop, think of what CFA means to you. Why did you take it up? Why do you want to finish it? How will you feel after being a candidate who passed all three CFA exams? (I can answer that – nothing leas than incredibly awesome!!). 

        6. Whenever you feel stressed,  go for a jog if possible. Else, just take a deep breath, smile and tell yourself ” I am fine. I have a plan, I am going to stick to it and I will definitely pass the June 2015 attempt.” 

        7.No, I haven’t tried those questions. I’m actually going to appear for level 1 in December 2014. So I actually have no idea about how difficult the rest of the levels are. But, I really hope this helps…

        Jessica 🙂

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          Good idea @peekabooitsme Now that we’re into the cram, time I’d recommend finding really decent summary notes. Schweser Secret Sauce was OK when I used it in 2014, but I’m tutoring some candidates now that really love the free alternative at

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            I am in the same boat @kingmaker

            Seriously lacking motivation to crack open the books for level III. I’ve opened them a few times but just can not sit there study. A co-worker told me that level 3 isn’t nearly the beast that level 2 was, so starting in January should be fine. Not sure if anyone has input on that or not.

            I signed up for a free question of the day from Schweser but haven’t done much with the questions. Just filed them in a folder for later. Here’s the link: 

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