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        For level 1 and 2, there was one full-length practice exam on the CFAI web site that you could print out and take for free. I know there are three past morning sections you can print out, but is there a printable afternoon exam? All I see is an interactive one.

        If that’s it, has anyone taken the interactive one? I’m sure it’s helpful but I really prefer doing the test in a realistic setting, not sitting on the computer trying to ignore my emails.

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        Hi @ben, unfortunately from this year CFAI have decided only to have the online interactive test — no pdf to print out. But you can still mimic a paper-and-pencil exam by copying and pasting the question vignette and answer choices for each item set on a Word document and hitting submit, going to the next item set and repeating the copy-and-paste. At the end, it will tell you that you got 0% (since you did not input any answers) but that’s okay. They give you the solutions right away, but you can just come out of there, print out your Word document and do the exam with paper and pencil. Then go and input your answers — remember, the item sets and the six questions in each item set remain in the same order as when you printed them, BUT the three multiple choices for each question won’t be in the same order, so you have to be careful to locate and choose the right one. Keep entering the answers and hitting submit to go to the next item set, in the end after all the item sets are done, you will see your results and the solution key — I saved this as a pdf file and then printed out (or you can print out right away).

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