CFA CFA Level 2 Thoughts on Re-taking L2 in November 2021


Thoughts on Re-taking L2 in November 2021

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        I didn’t pass the May ’21 Level 2 exam.  I’m debating whether I should retake the exam in November ’21 or defer to Feb ’22.

        My blue box was not within the passing minimum line.  However, individually, I was at least at 55% or 60% on the most of the sections, individually (At least from what I can tell from the results).  I did poorly on two of the sections that dragged my score down.

        Given this and a full time, demanding job…. just seeking feedback from others who, especially those working full time, if they think the next 100+ days until the November Exam is enough review time to get it done?

        I can probably put in 13 hours a week, safely.

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          How much time did you put into your May’21 exam? That would help give some context and be able to better advise you.

          But without knowing that, I would say it’s not impossible – 100+ days at 13 hours a week is around 140 hours, which could bring you from 55% to 75% if you really focus on your problem areas.

          Feb’22 only makes sense if you’re going to put in the same effort from now until Feb’22, otherwise, it may work against you if/when you start forgetting what you’ve learnt for May’21.

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