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      For level 1, I had the luxury of a few months in between graduation and work to study the actual curriculum and utilized schweser material that was about 3-4 years dated (for review) and passed level 1.

      I’m wondering for level 2, as I’ll have the opportunity to start fresh and get whatever material in whatever form I want, what people would recommend.

      My current job gives me a good amount of time to go through the actual curriculum, but I’d also like to get the level 2 schweser stuff for review. I saw the various packages: the notes package, essential package, premium study package, etc.

      What are peoples thoughts on these packages? I liked going through the material/doing the end of chapter problems and then to review I’d do the schweser notes questions before a month of practice exams..

      Also, I have an option to purchase last years schweser notes from a friend for 300$ that includes 6 mock exams. The most basic 2014 cfa level 2 schweser notes package is 349$ for just the notes.

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      Hey @bearsfan2690, for Level 2, given the sheer amount of materials/concept, going for provider’s material is a wise move. Since you have used and prefer Schweser, stick with that. I’d suggest getting the latest Schweser, there’s a 10% discount given for all packages if you purchase it by 31 August. When I did Level 2, I only got the basic notes package and the books worth of practice exams.

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        I think I’m upping my investment in materials for level 2. Missed the 10% offer but will probably spring for videos this time around.

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