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ETF round-trip trading cost vs round-trip trading commission

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        Hi guys,

        Q14 at the end of Reading 43 in the curriculum – the answer adds on bid-offer spread in the calculation of the total holding period cost, even though you already have the round-trip trading commission given and could just do AMC + round-trip % = total holding period cost, according to the formula given earlier in the curriculum.

        The answer to this question they’ve instead given the formula:

        total holding period cost = AMC + round trip trading commission + bid-offer spread on purchase/sale


        is that not double counting the bid-offer spread?

        I turned to the CFAI portal and everyone else is equally stumped…there’s nothing in the errata so which formula is right?

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          Took a few days to dig up the curriculum to have a look at this! We would be able to answer faster if you could include screenshots / copy-paste the relevant bits you’re referring to for next time?

          Again, I would say that the wording is a bit confusing. When I read your question I thought “no doubt about it, commission ≠ bid-ask spread, so the question is correct” but wanted to check the curriculum to be sure.

          I’m assuming “the formula given earlier in the curriculum” you’re referring to is this:

          ETF round-trip trading cost vs round-trip trading commission

          That shows round-trip trade cost.

          The end-of-chapter question on the other hand states round-trip trading commission.

          So the curriculum is both right on the notes part and the end-of-chapter question part.

          The ’round-trip’ bit simply means that the ETF was bought and sold – it isn’t a specific, defined set of costs.

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          Just like a retail bureau de change, exchanges can make money from commission and/or bid-ask spreads (hence ‘no-commission’ FX counters still can make money).

          So no, the round-trip trading commission in your example does not include bid-ask spreads, so it’s not double-counting.

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