CFA CFA Level 2 Retaking L2- solo or class?

Retaking L2- solo or class?

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        Hi all,

        I’m retaking L2. I took a course last time around and was not super close to passing. I definitely put in the time (~250 hours) but relied on the class too much to get the material down.I think the class pace was too quick and the material was taught very superficially so that when we did CFAI level-questions I didn’t do too well.

        I think I may go solo this time around- reading Schwesser books, doing QBank then CFAI problems. What do you guys think- would this be sufficient if I stayed disciplined throughout? Or should I sign up for a class?

        Thanks in advance!


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          Which class did you take? If you’re taking a live class and it’s not matching your pace or helping you keep up then it’s not worth going again.

          Soloing is possible, but if you want to be extra sure a class definitely helps. Just probably not the class you took the last time. Make the most of the class, bring your problem areas to the class and discuss with your instructor.

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