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Locked Out of Heaven – Accounting Heaven

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      Seeking advice: Can you recommend a course/book for accounting – specifically for what’s on L2? I’m think abt taking an accting course at an undergraduate – but is it a waste of $? I know there’s also online courses from MIT, etc. but I’m doing enough self-study.

      Related: Any recommendations for learning currency translation/fwd swaps (Econ)? I find that the single-most difficult part of the material.

      Same Q for derivatives. I’ll start w Schweser but I’d like a resource – whether live or a book.

      Thx so much!

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        @ykilstein, I’m not sure if there’s time to take accounting courses now, if you’re going for Level 2 this June, coupled with full time work (I’ve assumed this).

        What you could do is check out if there are any specific video lectures, for example, from third party providers listed on the Reviews & Offers section (Elan, Schweser, Fitch, BPP, etc) and see if they do topic by topic lectures which you can selectively purchase?

        Otherwise, the cheap/faster way would probably be do your self study, and ask the community when you don’t understand something. Teaching also helps us all reinforce our concepts anyway!

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          I agree with @maroon5 – may be too much.

          The most efficient way is probably to hit the practice questions as soon as you can and iron out areas you’re struggling to understand either by revision or discussion.

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          @maroon5 @zee I agree w both of you. @sophie said on another post that the material is the best guide – that’s what’s on the exam! If I need more, I’ll turn to those videos, Schweser & of course, 300H.

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