CFA CFA Level 2 Is L2 Ethics the same as L1 Ethics?

Is L2 Ethics the same as L1 Ethics?

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      Just scanning my stuff in preparation for a soft start on CFA L2. Some of the Ethics stuff looks familiar, but I’m not that much of an Ethics whiz to know whether they’re the same or not. Can someone confirm what is the difference between L1 and L2 Ethics?

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      Thanks dude. I get the readings are defined differently but the questions look pretty much the same! To be fair I was complete shit at Ethics L1 so that’s just me not being good enough to tell the difference…

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      For the most part they are the same. The readings are the same. The format in which they are asked may differ. Level 2 and 3 will be in item sets instead of individual questions.

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      No, they’re not the same. They all draw from the same source, which is the CFA Ethical and Professional Standards, but the focus, depth and areas tested vary from level to level. It’s not surprising that some questions feel the same though, it felt the same way to me too!

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