CFA CFA Level 2 How many mock exams?

How many mock exams?

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      Hi all! Been around this forum for quite some time now but have never posted before (mainly because I visit here during work hours!). But I currently have a dilemma that I’m sure there’s someone here that will be able to help me with.

      Just wondering if anyone has done an analysis on how many mock exams before the usefulness of it wears off? I’ve done 4 so far (2x Schweser, 1x Elan and 1x 2012 CFAI mock). All done under strict exam condition in 6 hours – and debriefed on the same night. I’m finding that I’m not improving at all. For all 4 the percentage differences is just about 3%. And after analyzing the topics there don’t seem to be a pattern of where I should be concentrating on.

      I have 4 more mock exams to go over the next 10 days (1x CFAI 2013 mock, 1 x schweser, 1x Elan and 1x Boston analyst society). Any advice on how to make the most of those 4 would be much appreciated!

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      Hey @jhtan, the 8 you’re planning to do is more than enough! Plus I’m glad you’re trying them all under exam conditions.

      Here’s a survey of the number of papers people normally attempt.

      How are the scores like for these 4? If they are good then it’s just about focusing on maintaining those scores and reducing careless mistakes in the exams. You seem to be doing it right already…

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