CFA CFA Level 2 Goodwill impairment – no reversals?


Goodwill impairment – no reversals?

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      I just wanted to double check that there are no reversals to GW impairment – p. 17 of the syllabus says impairments written off as expenses is a permanent change. but p. 16 in the Deutsche Bank excerpt says GW impairment can be changed under certain conditions and describes this. Fitch seem to think impairment is permanent too…Reading 13 in the CFA books is not the most well-written chapter!

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      Goodwill impairment, as far as I know, is irreversible under both IFRS and US GAAP.

      For US GAAP, reversals of impairments are allowed for assets held for sale, which is what the Deutsche Bank case study is covering. I couldn’t find anything that specifically details goodwill impairment in the case study.

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      Last full paragraph of p. 16 FRA book print edition is the bit that confused me in the Deutsche case study

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      Reversals of impairment losses on equity investments classified as AFS are not reversed through the consolidated statement of income; increases in their fair value after impairment are recognized in other comprehensive income.

      This one?

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